In Honor Of

Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr.

Jerry’s Kids Adoption Foundation was inspired by the Holy Spirit and created for three reasons:

1. To bring honor and glory to God for blessing us with the adoptions of our two boys Graham and Jackson Penn.

2. To honor Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr. for his generosity and kindness to us in making our adoptions possible.

3. To pay it forward and give back by helping other couples financially to adopt a child and have a family of their own.

I’m sure there are countless stories of Dr. Falwell’s generosity and kindness that could be told.  We just happened to be at the right place at the right time to receive God’s blessings through Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr. If the truth were to be told…it’s through the kindness of Jerry Falwell’s heart that thousands of parents and children have been blessed over the years.

Because of his love for children and wanting them to be raised in Christian homes and have a Christian education, Dr. Falwell started our partner affiliations years ago (The Liberty Godparent Home, Family Life Services, The Early Learning Center, Liberty Christian Academy, and Liberty University) so children could be raised up in Godly Christian homes and have a Godly Christian education all the way from the crib in the Early Learning Center to their PHD at Liberty University.

Words can’t adequately express how thankful, how grateful, and how appreciative we are for Dr. Falwell and his loyalty and love towards my wife and I and making us feel like a part of his family. For him to go to his grave without a word of what he did for us is just utterly amazing, but that’s the kind of man he was. It was such a privilege and an honor to work alongside one of the greatest preachers of the 21st century. A man who put all his faith and trust in God and followed his heart as God led him to see his vision and dream come true. A vision and a dream that was driven with a passion for children to have a better life and become a champion for Christ.


Nothing of eternal significance ever happens apart from prayer.

– Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr.

Love is commitment; love is a relationship that never gives up.

– Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr.